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(06) 764 8167
Unit A2 Al Majaz Waterfront Sharjah

10 reasons to visit Spice Grill – the newest hip restaurant in Sharjah

10 reasons to visit Spice Grill – the newest hip restaurant in Sharjah

In a time when restaurants are closing one after the other, it is refreshing to hear about new restaurants launching. And it’s even more pleasing to hear the backstory.

For entrepreneurs, Cristine Caringal-Melad, 35, and Lourds Adalia-Evertse, 34, opening a restaurant under the uncertainties of this “new normal” is not only brave but also an act of hope. It is an opportunity to encourage people, especially those who got terminated from work, to look at the elusive silver lining of 2020.

True enough, Spice Grill commits to employ people who lost their jobs in the pandemic. That alone is a big reason to love this venture.

Let me share 10 more reasons why I think you need to try this new concept of “seafood meets meat” dining experience.

1. Affordable tomahawk steak

This may surprise you, but this is not a drill. Their Dampalicious Tomahawk Steak could easily rival those of the top steakhouses in Dubai – and at a very affordable price of AED 349 only. I tried it myself and I’m not exaggerating.

Oh, the Chimichurri sauce is champ! Don’t forget to ask for it.

2. Premium Chicken wings

Crisp and very flavorful without excess saltiness or sweetness, I can have them on days I’m craving for something crunchy. I tried 3 flavors and they’re all good. You’ll never regret having it on the table.

3. Seafood, chicken, and steak combo

Who says you can’t mix them in a boodle? Spice Grill got the thrill having them altogether creates that good unique blend of flavors.

4. Cajun goodness overload

If you are a cajun lover, you’ll feast for choices. ‘Raging Cajun Seafest,’ shrimp cajun, crab cajun, cajun mussels, cajun clams – choose your cajun!

Don’t worry about rice – it’s unlimited.

5. The hard-to-find authentic salted egg flavor is here

If you’re looking for that rich salted egg flavor, you can have your whole dump-a-seafest in creamy salted egg sauce with ‘Salted Eggspectation;’ Or a simple shrimp salted eggspectation is just as satisfying.

6. Stunning view + delish food = gastronomical treat

It’s in Al Majaz Waterfront, one of the best, if not the best spot in Sharjah. The terrace and al fresco are both so cushy to stay at. Hello winter!

7. Instagrammable interiors

Other than the food, Spice Grill offers a vibrant space for family and friends to spend time with. Let my Instagram post speak about its rustic, vibrant and colorful interiors. A perfect invitation for a feast indeed (and a photoshoot).

8. Health safety is priority

COVID-19 safety measures are strictly in place. You’re at peace.

9. If it’s your birthday, you get a treat

Bonus: There’s magic!

Saw this video from BXD contributor, Julie De Guzman who recently visited Spice Grill. If it’s your lucky day, it can be ‘magical’ – another reason to bring the family.


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